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A little about KARE11

KARE 11 is a leading TV station serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, known for its excellent local news coverage. It all started back in 1925 as an AM radio station called WRHM, which later became WTCN. In 1979, the station joined NBC and finally got the name KARE in 1986. Today, KARE 11 is celebrated for its top-notch journalism and has won numerous awards for its impactful stories. They are owned by an organization called TEGNA.

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Who we will likely hang with

Here are some of the people you will meet on our trip.

"Journalism allows its readers to witness history; fiction gives its readers an opportunity to live it." - John Hersey

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Here are some of the jobs

Check out some of the role we will engage with

News Anchor

A news anchor is the main person you see on TV delivering the news. They read news stories, introduce reports from other journalists, and sometimes interview guests. Their job is to keep you informed about what’s happening in the world in a clear and engaging way.


A meteorologist studies the weather and makes forecasts to let people know what to expect. They use tools like computers and satellites to track things like rain, snow, and storms, helping everyone stay safe and plan their activities.

Breaking News Reporter

A breaking news reporter quickly gathers and shares important information about events happening right now. They often rush to the scene, interview witnesses, and report live to keep everyone updated on things like natural disasters, major accidents, or sudden changes in the community.

Sports Reporter

A TV sports reporter covers and reports on sports events, interviews athletes and coaches, and shares the latest sports news with viewers. They attend games, write stories, and present highlights on TV, making sure fans stay updated on their favorite teams and players.


A director is like the boss of a TV show. They tell the actors how to play their parts, decide how scenes should look, and work with the camera crew to make sure everything looks great on screen. Basically, they make sure the story is told in the best way possible!


A TV producer is like the leader of a TV show. They plan and organize everything, from choosing the story ideas and hiring the crew to making sure everything runs smoothly during filming. They make sure the show is interesting and gets finished on time and within budget.