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Minnesota Opera

Minnesota Opera changes lives by bringing together artists, audiences, and community, advancing the art of opera for today and for future generations.

Where the magic is created

Back in ’63, sparks flew when another art institution commissioned Minnesota composer Dominick Argento’s The Masque of Angels (an opera). That fiery moment ignited the MN Opera journey as a small, fearless opera company right here in the Twin Cities, shining a spotlight on the extraordinary and avant-garde.

Fast forward more than half a century, and today, the MN Opera has become a trailblazing force in American opera. They’re not just admired; They’re celebrated for their boundless innovation, churning out mesmerizing opera productions, groundbreaking programs, and cutting-edge new works.

They’ve come a long way, but their spirit remains as daring as ever. Stay tuned as you help MN Opera continue to redefine what opera means in the 21st century. 🎶💥

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Opera doesn't have to be in a theater

Get a flavor for different styles

Opera has many styles. In the link below, you can explore the different types, watch videos, and learn more about what makes them unique.

Opera 101

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Who we will hang with

MN Opera Diversity Charter

MN Opera believes that pursuing anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices enhances the beauty and power of the form itself, and amplifies the tremendous artistry cultivated in our musical storytelling.

Meaning: Everyone is invited to participate

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