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Come Dance With Us

About Northrop

Maybe you haven’t heard much about Northrop Auditorium? It’s this awesome place that believes art is super important for everyone. They’re all about bringing together cool performances and learning stuff for people of all ages. Imagine music, dance, and theater all in one place! Northrop’s goal is to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the arts and learn from them, not just now, but also in the future. It’s like a big hub for exciting shows and also a place to learn cool things about the arts! It is located on the University of Minnesota College campus

Dance show

Contemporary dance is like a dance that happens right now, combining different dance styles and always coming up with new moves. Choreographers and dancers might use floor movements, falling and recovering, making up moves on the spot, new types of music, and even art. Some may even add things from totally different activities, like martial arts. It’s all about mixing it up and trying new things!

More about this show

Check out some amazing jobs

Here are just some of the jobs that a person can have at a theater


Lighting Technician

Sound Technicians

  • Sound Technicians are the folks who plug the sound effects or the music into the sound board to create the world that the Sound Designer desires.
  • Checkout this sound video

Set Technicians

  • These are the folks who build the set on stage.

Costume Technicians

  • Are the folks who build the costumes for the actors on stage.


Set Designers:

  • Set Designers design the physical stage or place in which the storytelling will take place.

Costume Designers

  • Design the costumes or clothing which the Actor will wear while they tell the story.

Lighting Designers

  • Design the lights and lighting transitions on the set. You may not think that is important, but with out light you cannot see anything.

Sound Designers

Here are some of the people we may hang with

Have you been having a blast discovering awesome creative careers with InspireMSP? Imagine turning that passion into your future!

Whether you’re into art, technology, building or something in between, we’ve got a some great places where the exploration will continue. Check out some of our partners where creative vibes keep rollin in high school. Your journey to a creative paying future continues! šŸŒŸ

Minneapolis Fair School

Ready to explore and amplify your creative potential? The Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource (FAIR) School in downtown Minneapolis is the go-to high school for creative minds like yours!

With an innovative approach to scheduling, hands-on experiences, and a comprehensive arts curriculum, FAIR School is not your typical high school. FAIR nurtures individual talents, connects you with professional artists, and guides you on a personalized path to success. Whether you’re into performing on stage, creating in a studio, or working behind the scenes, FAIR School is where your unique identity and creative journey take palace. Discover a high school experience that’s as creative as you are! šŸŽØšŸŒŸ

Cristo Rey

Cristo Rey provides a top-notch education that gets you ready for college and your future job. This school is special because it mixes tough schoolwork with four years of real work experience. Plus, it helps you even after high school, making sure you succeed in college too!