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The Opus Group

The Opus Group® is like a big family of companies that work together to build cool buildings

Opus started doing this in 1953 and have finished more than 3,300 projects, which is like building 3,300 really big houses.

In the Opus Group, there are different companies like Opus Development Company, Opus Design Build, and Opus AE Group. They all work together as a team. Some of them are really good at figuring out how to pay for the projects, others are experts at building things, and some are really creative in designing how the buildings look inside and out.

What makes them special is that they work together as one team from the beginning of a project until it’s all done. This means they can make awesome buildings that look great and work well. So, the Opus Group is like a family of builders and designers who make our cities cooler!

Who do we get to hang with?

Get ready for an exciting adventure at the Opus Group Headquarters! This trip is all about discovering some seriously cool jobs in the creative world that Opus uses to build amazing buildings. These buildings not only look fantastic but also make sure they meet the needs of the people who use them.

First, we’ll learn a bit about what Opus does, and then it’s time to dive into some hands-on activities. We’ll split into groups, and here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get to explore:

Interior Design

Interior designers are like real-life magicians! They have this incredible power to transform boring indoor spaces into places that are super practical, safe, and absolutely stunning. Imagine being the one who decides what colors, lighting, and materials will make a room look like a total masterpiece!

But wait, there’s more! Interior designers are like secret agents who can read and edit blueprints, just like the masterminds behind epic plans. So, if you’re into creating awesome spaces and making them look like something out of a sci-fi movie, this might be the coolest job ever! 🪄🌟

VIDEO: What is interior design?

Project Architecture

Imagine being a project architect – a real pro with a license to design awesome stuff! These experts are like the masterminds of building design, and they’re in charge of creating the blueprints and plans for cool projects, like making super cool houses.

Project architects team up with clients to figure out all the important details, like how the building should be built, what it’ll look like, and even how much it’ll cost. It’s like being an architect superhero, turning dreams into actual buildings!


Just like in any field, each design team has its unique way of doing things, but being a building designer is seriously cool! Your job involves coming up with awesome designs for brand-new buildings or making existing ones even cooler. You get to draw up these designs, so they’re ready for approvals and construction. Plus, you’ll be the go-to person for the builders, offering them advice on what materials and ideas to use. It’s like being the architect of the future! 🏢🌟

Visualization & Technology

Imagine being a visual designer – it’s like being a digital artist who brings ideas to life on screens! You get to create cool stuff for websites, apps, and more. But here’s the exciting part: every project is different. Sometimes, you’re working on video games, and other times, it’s about designing websites for businesses.

Your job is to take creative ideas and turn them into digital masterpieces. It’s not just about making things look pretty; it’s about making them work perfectly for the people who use them. Plus, you might specialize in a specific field, like gaming or fashion, which means you become an expert in that area.

So, if you’re passionate about art and technology, being a visual designer could be an awesome career where you create, innovate, and make digital magic happen!

The Opus Group employs nearly 300 Employees with work across the country

Check out who we will meet

We will likely meet with these people and more. Check ’em out.

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