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See yourself on stage

We are excited to be with you at the Orpheum

There is a role for everything imaginable

Some Theater Facts

Here are some things you can learn about the theatre:

Time Travel to 1921

  • The Orpheum Theatre opened in 1921, and it was huge, fitting 2,600 people.
  • The famous Marx Brothers were some of the first stars to perform there.

Switching from Live to Movies

  • After a while, they started showing movies, and “Gone with the Wind” was a big hit in 1940.
  • They also had famous old bands like Benny Goodman.

New Adventures and Cool Movies

  • In 1959, a new owner named Ted Mann took over and brought famous shows to town.
  • They even showed James Bond in “Thunderball” in 1965.

And the Award Goes To...

The Orpheum Theater was known for showing nine Best Picture Oscar winners.

Treasures Unearthed

During a fancy makeover, they found cool stuff like old paintings and a massive 2,000-pound chandelier.

Back in Business

After a big renovation in 1993, the theater was back in action with concerts and awesome Broadway shows like “Miss Saigon.”

Current Owner: Hennepin Theater Trust

Amazing Shows in Minneapolis

  • Hennepin Theatre Trust is like a magical portal for bringing the coolest stuff to Minneapolis. We’re talking about Broadway musicals, plays, concerts, funny comedy shows, and more! They own a bunch of the theaters right downtown.

A Big Mission

  • They’ve been around since 2000, and their mission is to take care of and ensure the future of three super-famous theaters in downtown Minneapolis: the State, Orpheum, and Pantages. It’s like they’re the protectors of awesome entertainment! 🌟😄
Check 'em out

Check out some amazing jobs

Here are just some of the jobs that a person can have at a theater


Lighting Technician

Sound Technicians

  • Sound Technicians are the folks who plug the sound effects or the music into the sound board to create the world that the Sound Designer desires.
  • Checkout this sound video

Set Technicians

  • These are the folks who build the set on stage.

Costume Technicians

  • Are the folks who build the costumes for the actors on stage.



Set Designers:

  • Set Designers design the physical stage or place in which the storytelling will take place.

Costume Designers

  • Design the costumes or clothing which the Actor will wear while they tell the story.

Lighting Designers

  • Design the lights and lighting transitions on the set. You may not think that is important, but with out light you cannot see anything.

Sound Designers

Mayor Jacob Frey

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s story is pretty cool. He originally came from Virginia but fell in love with Minneapolis after running a marathon here. He’s not just a mayor, though; he used to be a lawyer and a community organizer. As mayor, he’s all about making sure everyone can find a place to live, improving the relationship between the police and the community, and helping businesses and neighborhoods that need it the most. Plus, he lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Sarah, who’s into early childhood education. It’s like he’s the guy who gets to care about everyone and everything in the city! 😊🌆

Day in the life video

Some people we may meet