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A look into the future

Who is REM5?

REM5 is a vertically-integrated, locally owned, immersive technology company


In other words: REM5 is a company that’s like a one-stop shop for cool technology stuff, and they’re right here in town! They make and do everything from start to finish, and the people that own it live in MN.

About REM5

Discover the Exciting World of Future-Tech Jobs!

Curious about virtual reality and the cool jobs in this high-tech world? REM5 experts will discuss what it is, the daily emerging jobs, and how you can dive into this tech universe. Don’t miss this chance to explore future jobs!

Here are some resources for you

REM5 staff have provided some links to places to explore as you get started:

Want to make 3D models? Learn Blender!

*Warning: it is pretty difficult and technical software, lots of Youtube tutorials available though*

People we will hang with

How would you use VR today?

Think about all the ways you could use VR in your day. What would you do? How would you make things you do easier?

Cool Future Stuff