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Stages Theater

A theater located in Hopkins that is dedicated to creating a space where diverse opinions, courageous dialogue, and local, national, and international community engagement is not only valued but vital to our shared artistic and educational success. A welcoming place to participate in theater
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Learning + Building

Our visit will be filled with learning about cool jobs (that pay well) and we will have an opportunity to put a production together. We will build a character list, suggested scene list/descriptions and titles of suggested songs.

Each group will present their groups’ ideas back to classmates and the theater staff!

Bringing a book to life on stage

This is the book that we will creating a “treatment” (a sheet of paper that breaks down the elements needed to make it a play) for this book. Senorita Mariposa by Ben Gundersheimer (Mister G)

Check out some amazing jobs

Here are just some of the jobs that a person can have at a theater


Lighting Technician

Sound Technicians

  • Sound Technicians are the folks who plug the sound effects or the music into the sound board to create the world that the Sound Designer desires.
  • Checkout this sound video

Set Technicians

  • These are the folks who build the set on stage.

Costume Technicians

  • Are the folks who build the costumes for the actors on stage.



Set Designers:

  • Set Designers design the physical stage or place in which the storytelling will take place.

Costume Designers

  • Design the costumes or clothing which the Actor will wear while they tell the story.

Lighting Designers

  • Design the lights and lighting transitions on the set. You may not think that is important, but with out light you cannot see anything.

Sound Designers

Who we will be hangin' with

Here are a few of the people we will spend time with on our visit