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Fashion Show Guardian Form

This form is used to confirm that our student who is interested in submitting to be involved with the fashion show has discussed this with their caregiver

Who are you filling this form out on behalf?
I understand that a youth under my guidance is applying for a role in the InspireMSP Fashion Show on 4/15(Required)
We will be sending additional details home if your youth is selected. Within that detail , there will be an additional agreement based on the specific needs of the student's role.
Media Release(Required)
I, the parent or legal guardian of [Youth Name Listed Above] grant InspireMSP my permission to use the photographs/videos described as photos/videos taken during InspireMSP Fashion Show Process for any legal use, including but not limited to: publicity, copyright purposes, illustration, advertising, and web content. Furthermore, I understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use.
I understand that my typed name constitutes a legal signature, and I acknowledge the same validity and enforceability as a handwritten signature.